About Us


VoilàVe was created not only by Women but also Men in the pursuit to show everyone that true outwards BEAUTY can be REVEALED by taking care of one’s skin using pure organic and natural ingredients in products without using any harsh chemicals. We want to promote awareness of harmful chemicals that are in many mainstream brands that many people don’t realize that could be causing issues for them later in life. The owners that work closely with the growers, chemists, manufacturers and bottlers want to provide the highest quality of products and have tested everything down to fragrances that are natural that promote further detoxifying compliments to the skin. Their backgrounds in physical fitness as gym owners, health and diet coaches, nutritionists as well as a Certified Mental Health Therapist has also aided in the discovery and invention of their products.


How some one feels about their outward appearance will reflect on the inner persona and the idea for us is to promote that balance. VoiláVe is #BEAUTYREVEALED by the balance in an individual that reveals their Beauty as an entire person which everyone needs to discover with in themselves.

VoiláVe believes that in order to truly be successful as an individual or business you must GIVE BACK. We have developed products to specifically give back and donate to animals as well as humans in 3rd world countries. We are so excited to help others and we wanted to do so by creating a new product every year. Together with everyones help we want to build a Beauty Empire.


VoilaVe™ is a fast growing skin care, beauty, and health care line based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our Brand is PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA, and we source the highest quality ingredients from all over the world!

Our philosophy is to manufacture WORLD CLASS products for our customers using only the finest ingredients. We know by providing the best products on the market as well as the highest level of service, our customers will continue to make us their brand of choice for years to come.


At VoilaVe, we love animals and believe they deserve to be treated properly.

We do not believe in animal testing and stand firmly by this. You can be assured that NONE of our products are tested on animals.


Our Argan Oil is USDA Certified and ECO Certified by ECOCERT ICO which means they meet the highest standards for organics in the industry! 


All of our products are backed with our ROCK SOLID 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

This means if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, we will issue you a full refund. What does this mean to you? It means you have no risk to try any product in the VoilaVe line. Why not try all of our products today?


Each of our products is manufactured with the highest standards.

We only use the ingredients that you want and pay for without unneeded fillers and dilutions.