Voilave Rose Oil; The Secret To Healthy Glowing Skin And Hair

Voilave Rose Oil; The Secret To Healthy Glowing Skin And Hair

VoilaVe’s scientists have found a collection of the most effective oils that nourish and rejuvenate hair and skin to give you healthy, glowing hair and skin. By combining 12 of the most effective and nutrient-packed natural oils to create one solution that contains the power of all 12 oils in a single bottle.

These oils include; Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Primrose Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jasmine, Absolute Grandiflorum, Primrose Oil, Bergamot Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, Ho Wood Oil, and Bitter Almond Oil. Combining these oils in this particular way gives them a smooth texture full of nutrients and ready to work on your skin and oil. As such, the VoilaVe Rose oil has a whole host of benefits to the skin and hair. Some of them include:

Reducing wrinkles

When our skin is exposed to the elements such as unprotected ultraviolet for a range of time, it naturally starts to wrinkle and get sunspots which can be quite unsightly not to mention uncomfortable. Primrose oil and argan oil have been proven scientifically to increase the collagen and elastin in the skin thus reducing wrinkles and even eliminating stretch marks.

Crucial for skin protection

Natural oils are usually lipophilic; they can penetrate deep into the skin and hair. Once there, they can keep the moisture and water inside while also preventing other foreign toxins out. Coconut oil prevents your skin from becoming dry and itchy which would then cause scaling. Bergamot oil, on the other hand, serves as a natural antiseptic which aids in the faster healing of wounds and making scars less visible.

Even your skin tone

Although one body, the skin might have different tones which is a source of distress for most ladies out there. Natural oils such as rosehip and bergamot oil are well known to even out your skin without the harsh consequences on sensitive skin such as would be expected from using lemon juice.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Due to the toxins and harsh environments we live in today, the skin is in more danger than ever. As such, inflammations and breakout of zits is a pretty common occurrence. Oils such as jojoba and rose oil are crucial in banishing the zits, fighting off psoriasis and eczema. The anti-inflammatory properties will also act as a pain reliever in situations such as sunburns.

Gives skin a balance

For the more sensitive skin types, almond and argan oil are a saving grace. Almond oil is filled with omega-3 which makes it the perfect skin moisturizer. Also given that it’s hypoallergenic, even people with sensitive skins can use it. As for the argan oil, its vitamin E reserves and protein make it a most suitable candidate to the ultra-hydrate skin, strengthen hair and even strengthen brittle nails.

Smoothing out acne

Acne scars can be quite distressing. Geranium oil is a well-known anti-fungal with disinfectant properties. With this oil, you can control oil production in the skin to assist in clearing acne in the skin. In case you want to get rid of blackheads, then ho wood oil is ideal since it will disinfect the area, boost the healing process without drying out your skin as most pharmaceutical products would.


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